Introduction to the practice

Laura Dubourjal is a French artist currently working and living in Amsterdam. 

Her practice combines Fashion, Textile, Performance and Video in (auto-)fictional narrative works. She creates landscapes, characters and realities in which she offers an escape to the world surrounding us. She often uses her own body as an avatar to travel through those worlds, inspired by her childhood memories and dreams.

« Our world is a theatre, and our clothes the characters we put on everyday.»

The realities she invests allow her to take distance with the problematics of our society, either by escaping, confronting or suggesting them. Her body is one of the vessel through which she morphs into those lands.

Having grown up in a family of actors, she often uses linguistics of the theatre world (costume design, set design, performance, text), individually or combined. It is through becoming another , that she attempts to comprehend the plurality of personas governing us.