Family Portrait, an autofiction through clothing

Video installation, 6 outfits, Sound designed by Alexander Köppel, 2018

This project is an introspective research and multi-disciplinary creation. It is an auto-fictional narrative positioned from the point of view of the artist’s childhood memories.

Through the recollection of details from her childhood she presents us six of her family members, who share the similarity of all being actors. We are presented with the artist’s attempt to understand what defines a character and how that differs from the person who interprets said character. Having designed the costumes, which represent each family member, Dubourjal then transforms herself into each one of them. Never miming or acting, but «incarning» the version of them she designed as a child.

The project is an opportunity to question her family heritage and the impact it carries in her artistic practice.

«These characters that I embody are my ghosts, my monsters. They are all inspired by my family members, by this duality inside of them. My view on who they are is tainted by the many parts they have played in front of me. I need to incarnate them to tame them, to control them. I saw them all performing and they are now present for my performance. I want to understand who I am, I want to control my identity. I am trying to escape this fatality, I am inventing who I am by morphing into those I admire. Those who inspire me through their transformations.»

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation show July 2018